Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Waiting & Waiting ...

So we're playing the waiting game now ... my OB hasn't phoned yet so I guess no news means good news! At least that's what I'm going with. Wesley thinks that my OB is going to let me go further. I predict that we'll be delivering our beauties within a week today. Maybe we should start a pool? ;)
Today was a boring day for me. I was in bed for most of the day sleeping and watching tv. I know, the life right? Anyway, I've posted a few more pics from our maternity photo shoot so have a look! I also learned that today is "National Multiple Births Awareness Day" so I'm wishing all my friends with twins and triplets a very happy day!
I just spoke to my OB today and while she is a "little" concerned for their size, they're both extremely healthy, so she doesn't feel that it's best to pull them out just yet. I guess the benefit of keeping them inside of me clearly outweighs the risk of removing them right now, even though I've past some very important milestones having made it past 34 weeks! Anyway, it looks like I'll be preggers for a little longer than I thought (I hate when Wes is right haha)!
I am going to see my OB on Monday June 2nd for a check up visit and will have a follow up ultrasound on Friday June 6th (this time at the hospital, to get a second opinion). My OB will be there so she'll get the results right away so that she can make a decision on how to proceed. Who knows ... June 6th may be the lucky day since I'll already be at the hospital! In the meantime, anything can happen, so please keep thinking good thoughts for our babies! We're praying for a growth spurt. And no, feeding me butter will not help with the cause! :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How things change ...

Last week, at 33 weeks, I went to see my OB for my routine visit. Turns out, my suspicions were correct. At 32 week ultrasound, both babies were measuring a little on the "small" side. Their head-to-tummy ratios were slightly off. She told us not to worry and that the issue was very minor, but that she'd be monitoring them over the next 1-2 weeks to see if the issue corrected itself. She also told us that if she wasn't happy with our 34 week results, that she'd consider taking em out this week! So, it goes without saying that we were totally surprised to hear the news.

I had my 34 week ultrasound yesterday and I was not too thrilled with the results. The babies are still happy and healthy, which is what's most important. They scored perfect on their gestational apgar tests so they're doing great, but they're still measuring small for 34 weeks. They should have been well over 4 lbs at this stage so I was a bit bummed ...

Baby A gained 60 grams in two weeks and is currently 3 lbs 7 oz
Baby B gained 200 grams in two weeks and is currentl 3 lbs 14 oz

I'm not sure why this is happening. Baby B may be stealing more nutrients from Baby A. There may be an issue with my placenta's. It could also be that I am running out of room, as I am quite petite to be carrying twins. Either way, it's frustrating ...

Our technician told us not to worry. She told us that a 60 gram weight gain is better than no weight gain at all for Baby A and that if she was worried, she'd be sending me straight to the hospital. So I'm taking comfort in that, but it's a waiting game now. I thought I may hear something from my OB today, but I didn't. That could mean a number of things, so I'm not about to speculate what my OB will ultimately do. What I do know is that she's going to act in their best interest. That means they'll either come out this week or stay inside of me for a little longer. If I don't hear from my OB this week, I am seeing her on Monday. While I wait, I am mentally and physically preparing to head to the hospital on a moment's notice.

No one wants to see their babies in NICU, hooked up to endless wires and tubes. No one wants to go home from the hospital empty handed. I will fully admit that a big part of my worry stems them being stuck in the hospital, even though I know they will be in good hands. It's just not what I envisioned for them (even though I was fully aware that with twins, anything is possible). So if you have a moment, please think positively for our precious beauties. I am praying that they will continue to thrive this week, whether on the inside or on the outside, and that everything works itself out as it should.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rockin' the Belly - My Maternity Photo Shoot

HOT off the presses! Here are a few photos from my maternity photo shoot with Emma-Lee (an amazing photographer and friend) taken on Friday May 9th. Enjoy! And yes, the background and grass are real :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Our 32 week ultrasound

I haven't had much going on since taking my leave from work. I've been enjoying the freedom to do as I please, but don't be fooled - I'm not doing too much at the moment. I am too sore to walk (I can barely lift my own legs into the car, let alone up and down the stairs). And when I'm at home, I can't really sit due to the pain of my sciatica and pelvic girdle syndrome, so I'm being forced to lie down as much as possible (which is uncomfortable too).

Now, onto my 32 week update ...

The babies are doing great!! Baby A is 3.31 pounds. Baby B is 3.44 pounds. Our technician Danika checked my cervix and it doesn't appear to be thinning, so it looks like I'll be able to carry to term (ie: 37 weeks). Still, we need to be prepared as anything can happen! The "sprouts" scored perfect on their gestational apgar test (hooray) and are both still head down and facing my back BUT they've moved slightly. They're both diagonal now.

Today we got to see Baby A's face up close and personal. Baby A is soooooooooo cute!! At this stage, it gets very tough to see our beauties but Danika wanted to print out a photo of Baby A and Baby B for us. Unfortunately, this is what we got for Baby A haha (see below)! :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A very happy Mothers Day indeed!

Mother's Day was super special this year! I couldn't help but think that in a few short weeks, my mum will be a first time grandmother and I will become a mother of two! How crazy is that!

Wesley and I had my mum, dad, and sister over for lunch and it was one of my favourite visits so far this year. We sat down to a fantastic meal (thanks in large part to Wesley and his culinary skills) and a yummy dessert! It was a perfect afternoon although I think someone possessed my father while he was here. He only drank two beers. He didn't touch my laptop once. He didn't turn on the TV. And he finally touched my belly and got to feel his grandkids kick. I think he's turning soft on me! I can't wait to see what happens once the twins are born!

That evening, Wesley and I drove to Niagara-on-the-Lake to meet up with an old friend of mine from California. Max was in town for a wedding, so we decided to meet up for dinner with his parents Roger and Gail, his wife Meaghan, and their 5 month old son Noah. I can't believe 8 years has gone by since I last saw Max and his family! It was very surreal - like time stood still. Needless to say, I'm really happy I got to spend some time with them! I always loved his family!