Friday, December 28, 2007

Our 13 week ultrasound

Almost the whole month of December has gone by and we've kept our big news a secret - but we knew this wouldn't last forever. We decided to send out Christmas cards with a picture of our 6 week ultrasound on the front to family and friends and so the Christmas cheer began! :)

Today, we had our 13 week ultrasound. It was a truly amazing experience for the both of us. 7 short weeks ago, they were little dots on the screen with a flashing heartbeat. Now, they actually look like babies! Seeing them side by side inside of my belly was unbelievable and we couldn't believe how much they fluttered! It was clear that they were already developing personalities of their own. Baby A (as seen in the top photo) was extremely active during this ultrasound, so it was tough to get a clear shot of our beauty. Baby A is a tiny bit smaller than Baby B, but not by much. Apparently, that is completely normal. Baby B (as seen in the second photo) was a little more calm during the ultrasound, so we got a very good profile shot of its body, including its arms and legs. One thing is clear, this baby has Wesley's nose and my belly! :)