Monday, February 11, 2008

Pregnant and loving it!

At 17 weeks, Wesley and I decided it was time to start spending money! We purchased two gorgeous Emma style matching cribs (in java) from Lil Angels and the Rolls Royce of twin strollers, the Twin Valco Baby. So far, we've been really lucky with our purchases and it really feels like things are starting to come together! Wes has been having a lot of fun getting acquainted with his new "wheels" ... almost a little too much fun. This pic says it all!

We also spent some time this week with our friends, Mark & Ceilidh. They had a baby girl named Anelieke Alice last November (she was born premature). My has she ever grown! She was born 3 pounds 8 ounce. Now, she's 12 pounds! I am so in love with her and I think she really took a liking to me and my ... uhh ... pillows! :)

Speaking of cute babies, Carlissa and Chris welcomed their baby boy, Callan Lee, to the world on December 31st! He is absolutely adorable and I think he's in love with me too! I'm just saying ...

2008 is definitely the year of the baby!

I'm feeling a little sad because I haven't had an ultrasound in a while. I wonder how my babies are doing. It's too early to feel them kick but I've been feeling flutters, which is unlike anything I could ever describe! I saw my OB at 18 weeks and heard their little heartbeats again! They're doing so well so I'm happy and looking forward to my 20 week ultrasound!

Yesterday, at 19 weeks, my parents came out to visit and we had a blast! Please note, Wesley captured a very rare photo, as shown below. My dad isn't just smiling in the photo ... he's actually laughing! He was so afraid to touch my belly .... it was just too cute for words! I love my parents! They are so excited to welcome their grandchildren into the world! What a special time for us all!

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