Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yesterday, we decided to celebrate Daddy's Birthday. We know it was on Wednesday but we don't like Wednesdays. We decided Friday was better and Daddy had no say in the matter! The day started off with Daddy leaving for an Indian Head Massage at the spa! He came home feeling like a million bucks! Jackson greeted Daddy at the door with his party hat on and sang "Happy Birthday" to him (Jameson was being antisocial and decided he'd prefer to nap longer so he missed out on surprising his Daddy)! I know, the boys look so cute in their party hats right? Well Dad wasn't left out. He got one too! He was the Birthday Prince! ;)

While Daddy was out, Mum tried to make carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing as a surprise, but they didn't turn out. Ooops! I goofed up! But if you like "Just Like Mom" cupcakes, then they turned out just right! Thank goodness for Plan B - two bit cinnamon buns! Jameson woke up and the three of us sang Happy Birthday to Daddy again! We had birthday lunch and when the boys went to bed, we had a special birthday dinner & dessert planned in peace and quiet aaaaaaaaaaah! It was a nice day! :)
My gift to you ... more laundry!

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