Sunday, November 18, 2007

An early Christmas gift!

The day after our first ultrasound, Wesley and I had a long talk. Turns out, he had been secretly wishing for twins! In fact, he tried to talk to me about it on a couple of occasions before we received the news, but I wouldn't hear it. It's like he knew all along ......

The next day, we saw our family doctor. She congratulated us on our
double blessing and gave us her blessing to tell our family the good news! We knew we wanted to surprise our parents in a special way, so we bought two Christmas ornaments. It was of a stork delivering a baby.

So today was the big day! We visited my parents first and gave them our little gift. My mum started jumping up and down, crying and screaming, so she obviously figured it out. I then turned to my dad who was still staring at the ornament. He gave me a look. I knew he'd figure it out. He read the tag that said "2 for 1" and said, "You're not having twins are you?". He immediately ran over to me shaking, with tears in his eyes. Turns out, my mum and dad always wanted to have twins, so they couldn't be happier for us!

After sharing the news with my brother and sister, I tried to share the news with Auntie. I told her I had huge news and to come over. She called me back 30 minutes later and asked me if I won the lottery (laugh). I told her I did, in a way, and that I was pregnant with twins. She didn't take the news very well at first, but I knew she'd come around. It only took her a day! :)

After our visit with my family, we drove to Barrie to share the good news with Wesley's parents. My mother in law did not clue into our "surprise" at all. She thought we were giving her an ornament symbolising MaryEllen's pregnancy. When we told her that it had nothing to do with MaryEllen, she smiled ... she knew. And my father in law, just like my father, figured out that we were having twins. We then called Wesley's sisters and shared our good

It was the perfect day - one we'll never forget!

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