Saturday, June 7, 2008

Going the Distance!

Looks like I'm going the distance!!! And I can't believe I'm saying this but I couldn't be more thrilled! Even though I'm in so much pain, I am so glad to hear that our babies are thriving!

Yesterday, I went to the hospital to have another ultrasound done. The babies are great and both gained approximately 4 oz each from last Monday. I know it may not sound like a great deal of growth, but any growth is better than no growth - believe me! We also got to see Baby A's face again. This baby was moving around a lot but it stopped to stare in the wand and pout like a total cutie patootie. My goodness - this baby has my heart (and appears to be taking after me - full lips and all). I can't wait to meet my wee ones!

After my ultrasound, I went up to LDU to have a non stress test conducted on me and the babies. They both moved a lot with the help of some juice, which is what they wanted to see. I also had contractions through it, but not enough to keep me in the hospital, so I was sent home by my OB. I guess she was satisfied, once again, with the results and has decided that it's best they stay put until I hit my deadline of June 15th!

I should find out this Monday when my official induction date is. Stay tuned .... not much longer now!

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