Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Your "Baptisme" Day!

Getting baptised ... what a good looking family! ;)

The boys got baptised yesterday! Hooray! And it was a great day! Now ... is it so wrong that one of the highlights for me was their baptismal cake? It was seriously amazing! Not only did it look absolutely incredible, it tasted like heaven! I was so happy with the way it turned out! Some of you may know that I am taking a class in cake decorating. In fact, some of you have been treated to my delectable treats but I cannot take credit for baking or decorating this cake. I was just way too busy with other more pressing matters (chuckle). But the gal I hired to create this cake used my ideas and just blew us all away. If you're looking at this cake with large amounts of drool hanging down your chin, you should know that it was a blueberry sponge cake with blueberry cheesecake flavoured buttercream. All the decorations, including the sugar babies (molded in the likes of Jax and Jaz) were also edible and oh-so-yummy. Did I eat the sugar babies? Seriously, how could you even ask me a question like that! I couldn't eat them ... I just couldn't! So, we stored them in a safe place for the boys to see when they're older!


Oh right ... I almost forgot to write about their baptism (laugh). The ceremony was beautiful! We were so worried about them spitting up and ruining their outfits during the ceremony, but they didn't spit up once! Thank goodness for that! And they didn't cry once ... in fact, Jackson slept in my arms for most of the ceremony haha! Anyway, they looked so handsome in their little satin suits and hats! But if I had to pick what I loved the most, it would have to be the leather shoes they wore that said "My Baptisme Day" on the side LOL! I think they were from Portugal. Too funny!

They were lovingly fighting each other when this shot was taken

We are so happy to welcome Auntie Nessa and Uncle Mark into our family! As Godparents, we know that they will guide our boys in the way of the Lord. They'll also be highly influenced by Mark's musical abilities and Vanessa's style sense! We're looking forward to starting many family traditions with the Joseph and Lovery-Pham Family!

At the Clubhouse with Vanessa and Mark

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