Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tales of Silent Poops!

We're having fun trying out new foods with Jax and Jaz and we're quickly learning that certain types of food create interesting results in the poop department. Last week, we gave the boys prunes and pears for breakfast with their cereal because they were a little constipated. Well that combination resulted in Jameson having a poop that went up to his shoulders! It was so bad that we had to cut his brand new onesie off of him. And into the bath he went! We laughed. He cried. Oh the joys of solid food!

Tonight, we discovered another lethal combination in the poop department! The culprit ... peas!When the boys are having a poop, they strain, make noises, and get red in the face. It's pretty cute! But tonight, after their last feed, Jameson shocked us with a silent but deadly poop! The boys were clean and ready for bed ... everything was going smoothly! But when Wes went to pick up Jameson to bring him upstairs for the night, his hand was covered in runny poop! His diaper was filled and there was poop up his back, yet again! We laughed. He cried. And I had to give him a SECOND bath for the night! Oh, and he ruined a brand new sleeper! Two baths in one hour = one tired mama! Here's a photo of Jameson eating his favourite solid food!


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