Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Next Picasso?

Here's how this went down (laugh) ...

Robyn: Wes, I wouldn't leave Jackson's bowl on his tray.
Wesley: Not to worry, I have his hands pinned down.
Robyn: But he's going to make a mess, trust me.
Wesley: Trust me, he's fine. He can't reach it.
Robyn: But he'll still try to get his hands out ...
Wesley: It's okay Robyn, I'll be a second.
Robyn: If you say so ...

I turned my back to put Jameson's bowl in the microwave and when I turned back around, this is how I found Jackson! What a mess! So, the moral of the story is ... don't trust a baby to behave when their food is staring at them in the face! In all fairness to Jackson, this totally wasn't fair. He's my hungry hippo! You just cannot put any type of food, especially fruit, in front of a hungry baby and assume that they'll stay put and behave!

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