Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Family. Our Dreams.

Jackson, Wesley, Jameson, and Robyn

The boys are 7.5 months already! I can't believe it. And I can't believe how many times I say that I can't believe how big they're getting. How fast they're growing. How much they're changing (tear). I look at their beautiful faces and life flashes before my eyes. I remember my childhood and those carefree years ...

I remember how much I yearned to be older. I used to sneak in my parent's closet. I used to wear this dress my mother had. It was white and fluffy. I'd take one of her bras and stuff it with oranges wishing one day for a nice big shiny chest to call my own. Little did I know that I'd get my wish ... and it sucked! Thank God for plastic surgeons! I also used to wear my mum's heels and lipstick. I used to dream in the mirror. And now I look at my sons' and can't help but see the next 20 years flash before my eyes. I can see them graduate from high school. I can see their first crush, their first love. I can see how handsome they'll be on their wedding day.

We can teach our children to embrace their childhood, but nothing I say or do will make them realise how precious their little lives are. How important they are to me. To Wesley. They are without a doubt, our pride and joy, and I feel so lucky to know them. I feel honoured that they look at me and call me mum. OK, they may not necessarily say "mum" yet. It's more like "maaauummmmm", followed by "ba ba da da ga ga" but I'll take it anyday!

Here's to parenthood and all the wonderful things that lie ahead for our lives together as a family! The journey has just begun! :)

Robyn x

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