Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Leave Me Alone!

Mmmm this bed is way better than mine!

We got terribly sick over the long weekend. I don't know exactly what we caught but I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy (not that I have one but you know what I mean)! We tried our best not to get the boys sick. Both our parents came down to care for us and the boys while we recovered, but on Sunday, Jameson started showing signs of letargy and then bam .... barf central! Jackson followed suit on Monday.

All I need is a pillow and the remote and I'll be just fine!

Being barfed on ... well, that was a new experience for me! And the following week was the week from hell. Wes and I weren't back to normal yet. We were barely eating and were totally burnt out. We felt lousy but we needed to be strong for the boys. They were troopers. They didn't eat much. They slept a lot. And they were cranky on and off. But so began the love affair with our pillows ... it was the only thing they wanted! The good news is that I lost 7 pounds (wait, isn't that a movie???) and am now officially back to my pre pregnancy weight! Hooray for vomit! :)

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