Monday, March 10, 2008

I love love my twins!

I love love my twins. Isn't it a bit obvious???

I'm in my 23rd week and things are great. I'm happy that I got to hang with my very close friend this weekend! On Saturday night, I played Rockband for the first time at Vanessa's house. You must be wondering if I rock ... well, do I really need to answer that question? Of course I do! So does Vanessa! She likes to play while lying down on the sofa half asleep! It's truly amazing to watch!

On Sunday, I saw "me Julie" and it's clear that she can't wait for our babies to make their appearance! She has told me on numerous occasions that she plans on stealing them from me. Let's see her try! But I will hold her to her promise to spoil them rotten! I am swaddling Vanessa in the photo on the left and being rubbed by Julie on the right! Oh how sweet it is being pregnant! I'm having a blast!

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