Friday, March 28, 2008

Baby Days!

Kendra & Darren welcomed their baby boy, Finnley Cecil Frey, into the world on February 14th. Wesley and I met the little guy over March Break and he's so cute! And what a good baby he is! He's gorgeous! In the photo on the left, Wesley is holding Finnley and looking quite comfortable as a future "daddy to be"! I just can't believe that we'll be holding two bundles of joy in a few months from now!

MaryEllen & Shannon also welcomed their baby boy into the world. His name is Gavin Russell Loughran. He was born on March 24th and was a week overdue, but so worth the wait. He is beautiful! Wesley and I met him today and couldn't be happier for MaryEllen & Shannon! I can't help but think that Wesley and I will be parents soon! I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and it definitely feels more real with each passing day!

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