Sunday, April 6, 2008

Showers of love for the Sprouts ....

Yesterday, my cousin Candice threw me a twin baby shower with the help of my mum and my sister (and associated families). It was simply amazing! It was held at the Glen Abbey Clubhouse (next to the condo that Wesley and I used to live in), which was the perfect location for such a big event! 30 of my closest friends and family came out to celebrate, which was awesome! And you know when my family plans an event, the food is going to be spectacular (I hear the rum punch and samosas were a huge hit)! We also had four newborns in attendance (including MaryEllen's baby Gavin, who was only 12 days old)! It really made my shower feel all that more special.

Everyone mingled, ate/drank, and played games (and I knew we had some serious competitors in the room). I really wanted to see who would take the crown for winning the most clothes pins. I thought that it would be my mother-in-law but Tella had her beat with double the pins! Too funny!

While we played games, I started opening gifts. Talk about being overwhelmed. I couldn't believe how many gifts were waiting to be opened! It was clear to me that everyone put a lot of thought into their gifts - I loved everything and felt very loved ....

The "icing" on the cake was my twin baby shower cake, which was absolutely wonderful! Not only was it filled with 8 layers of chocolate peanut butter filling YUM, my friend Julie (who flew in from the US just for my shower) had a family friend make it, especially for me! I felt bad eating the white chocolate babies that topped the cake, so we removed them before digging in!

Everyone walked away with homemade Italian cookies from my Tella and my mum ... it really was the perfect day! I'll never forget it and I have all of you to thank for making my baby shower so very special!

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