Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rockin' the Belly - My Maternity Photo Shoot

HOT off the presses! Here are a few photos from my maternity photo shoot with Emma-Lee (an amazing photographer and friend) taken on Friday May 9th. Enjoy! And yes, the background and grass are real :)


Gail said...

Dearest Robyn, so happy to see your email when we checkd the computer this morning after returning from Canada. We are so pleased to meet your charming husband and see you again too. You look beautiful as usual and especially having twins. I insist you take it easy. It is so common to go into early labor with twin's. Keep off your feet as much as possible. And try hard to not think of the delivery right now. Just think of relaxing. It will happen as it is meant to. Think of the pain as "Moving a Mountain Pain". You can do it, zero in on your husband's face and try sitting and rocking on the birthing ball. What ever the method you will have two beautiful babies to love. We are very happy for your both.
Again so wonderful to see you and I will be checking on this blog. Take good care and our best to Wesley. Gail and Roger

Robyn Russell said...

Hi Gail & Roger - I'm so glad you all made it home safely! I only wish we had more time to spend with you. Wes and I have been talking about taking a trip to California for a while now, so I hope to see you all again real soon!I can't let another 8 years go by!! :)

I am definitely going to take it easy from now on and let things come as they are meant to. I know it's easier said than done, but you know this better than anyone having had Max & Shannon, so I trust your words implicitly! I want these babies to be big and healthy and I know, in a few short weeks from now, that we'll have them in our arms. Take care and I'll definitely be in touch soon!

With love,

Christine Pereira said...

Hello Darling! What an amazing page you have to share your story - it was nice to be able to look through all your entries and read about your experiences so far! And you look stunning for 32 weeks! I love the photos! I cant wait to meet the Sprouts this summer when I get home! Congratulations again to you and Wes! xoxo

Christine Pereira said...
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Robyn Russell said...

Hi Christine!! Aww thanks love! I miss you! I hope you're having lots of fun in Turkey! Sounds like you are from your blog!! :)

I can't wait to see you this summer hun! It's been too long! So when you get home, you must come by and visit!! I miss you girl xoxo!

Gail said...

Second try,would not let me post. I am waiting to hear if the babies are here anytime now. You were around 32 weeks when we were in Canada so you must be at the start of the 35 week. You are getting there. I hope they are born at least weighing 4 lbs. They seems so small, but mom and daddy get used to it right away and it seems normal. It is good to have four real tiny gowns or sleepers. Two for on the babies and two in the washer. They grow out of the preemie size right away. Around three weeks. We only had a few for our twins. They were so cute. They were big for twins. I had them at 39 weeks weighing 5lbs-10oz and 5lbs-140z. Seems so long ago-- ha it was. Take care. Do you have my personal e-mail Robyn? I would like to get your mailing address. Love, Gail and Roger