Monday, May 12, 2008

Our 32 week ultrasound

I haven't had much going on since taking my leave from work. I've been enjoying the freedom to do as I please, but don't be fooled - I'm not doing too much at the moment. I am too sore to walk (I can barely lift my own legs into the car, let alone up and down the stairs). And when I'm at home, I can't really sit due to the pain of my sciatica and pelvic girdle syndrome, so I'm being forced to lie down as much as possible (which is uncomfortable too).

Now, onto my 32 week update ...

The babies are doing great!! Baby A is 3.31 pounds. Baby B is 3.44 pounds. Our technician Danika checked my cervix and it doesn't appear to be thinning, so it looks like I'll be able to carry to term (ie: 37 weeks). Still, we need to be prepared as anything can happen! The "sprouts" scored perfect on their gestational apgar test (hooray) and are both still head down and facing my back BUT they've moved slightly. They're both diagonal now.

Today we got to see Baby A's face up close and personal. Baby A is soooooooooo cute!! At this stage, it gets very tough to see our beauties but Danika wanted to print out a photo of Baby A and Baby B for us. Unfortunately, this is what we got for Baby A haha (see below)! :)

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